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    Our Story

    Workout. Meditate. Love Life.

    The Soul Vida Story

    ‘I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others feel the connection of body, mind and soul.
    There’s a power, an unlimited potential, that lives in each of us and that power is SOUL.’

    – Makita Gabriel

    The Soul Vida Method

    Our Founder, Makita Gabriel has been in the body mind group fitness space for over 28 years. Makita witnessed the emergence of boutique studio fitness styles and was inspired to create a proven formula for body mind success – a workout style meditation, that delivered the best of meditation and exercise.

    Makita took the road less travelled, studying inspiring practices like meditation, yoga, pilates aerobics, martial arts and embarked on a soul searching journey in overcoming health issues, debilitating anxiety, depression, self – limiting beliefs about self-worth and body image.

    Along the way, she was inspired to breathe new life into meditation and add a touch of much needed soul back into exercise to deliver a simple to follow workout that is as unique as you are.

    With the rise and popularity of mind body fitness, she created The Soul Vida Method, a unique fusion of yoga, pilates and martial arts inspired pre-choreographed workouts.

    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to transform the world, one workout at a time and inspire people to be healthy, fit and stress-free.

    In a world of smart phones and smart computers, we’ve designed a ‘smart workout’ to give you the most benefits, transforming your body and mind fast.

    Our Workouts uniquely combine strength, flexibility, low impact cardio sculpting and meditation in one simple to follow workout.

    Our Workouts take you on a journey.
    A journey to being the BEST YOU!

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