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    The Soul Vida™ Method

    Who created the Soul Vida™ Workout Method?

    Soul Vida™ was created by Makita Gabriel.

    What is Soul Vida™?

    Soul Vida is a unique fusion of yoga, pilates and martial arts inspired workouts.

    Soul Vida workouts focus on whole body movement delivery, cardio, endurance, strength, flexibility and peace of mind.

    Each Soul Vida ® Workout will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling, giving you both mental and physical benefits, mixed with a powerful dose of positivity and empowerment. Soul Vida is a ‘workout style’ meditation.

    The Soul Vida ® Method creates a strong, toned, flexible and relaxed body by incorporating core strength, flexibility and endurance with ‘whole body’ transformation.

    Why is Soul Vida a SMART Workout?

    Soul Vida ® Delivers Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits as a ‘SMART’ Workout. The signature workout style meditations provide a full body workout, incorporating the best of yoga, martial arts and pilates inspired moves.

    EACH WORKOUT Delivers 4 levels of Fitness:

    Physical – Whole Body muscle conditioning and body balance
    Emotional – Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
    Mental – Mental Calm, Clarity and Focus
    Spiritual – Inner Peace and Meditation

    Why is Soul Vida ® Intelligent by Design?

    Soul Vida Delivers whole body fitness:

    Soul Vida works on an Inside Out Approach to fitness

    • Each workout begins with a detoxifying warm up sequence that supports whole body detoxification, dissolving of muscular tension and cellular rejuvenation.
    • The breath synchronised movements support body balance, strength
      and co-ordination, while promoting stress reduction.
    • Each workout finishes with a lying down meditation, promoting
      emotional resilience, mental calm and ‘whole body integration’.

    What are the foundations for Each Soul Vida Exercise?

    The 4 Foundations to each Soul Vida exercise are:

    • Body
    • Breath
    • Energy Flow
    • Meditation and Relaxation

    Why is breathing so important in a Soul Vida workout?

    Soul Vida’s signature breathing technique focuses on a conscious breathing approach, whereby breathing deep into the body, helps the mind to relax and awaken energy flow throughout the body.

    One of the most significant changes in the body when we become stressed is the frequency and the quality of the breath. Science tells us that slowing the breath down and connecting the in-breath and out-breath has a dramatic effect of calming both body and mind turning on the Relaxation Response in the body.

    What a Soul Vida workout is not?

    A hard core fast paced adrenaline fuelled, push yourself beyond your limits exercise program. A number of current fitness trends only serve to age the body and deliver short term goals instead of sustainable health benefits. At Soul Vida we’re in it for the long haul, so we’ve designed our fitness strategy on what the body, mind and soul needs to THRIVE rather than SURVIVE.

    Is Soul Vida beginner friendly?

    All classes are beginner friendly. Each workout can be modified to meet your individual needs.  Gentle for Beginners and Dynamic for Intermediate to advanced.

    What are the Benefits of Soul Vida?

    A whole body workout helps to tone every part of the body.

    Soul Vida is low impact and it improves core strength and postural alignment.
    Many athletes use Soul Vida for training purposes as it helps to strengthen muscles and joints whilst increasing relaxation, mental clarity and inner awareness

    Soul Vida allows the spine to move freely in all directions enhancing correct body alignment, freeing the energy around the joints, and allowing freedom of energy flow through the body.

    Soul Vida activates muscles close to the bone and is a natural form of weight bearing exercise which improves awareness of the ‘core’ strength of the body,  improves bone density, builds and strengthens the muscles and provides a firm grounded base of support for the spine.

    You’ll look and feel great on the inside and outside.

    Regular practice of Soul Vida will lead to improved physical balance and co-ordination.  Soul Vida will help create a more central, symmetrical body that reduces stress on the spine and tightening in the muscles.

    Cardio – Vascular Fitness 
    Soul Vida improves conscious breathing, strengthening the heart, increasing oxygen uptake and increasing lung capacity.  The standing postures, increase body heat and tone the heart as it supplies oxygenated blood to the working muscles and increasing  core strength and body alignment.

    Reduce Stress 
    It reduces overall stress levels on the physical, emotional and mental level.

    What are some of the physical effects of the body releasing stress and detoxifying that I may experience whilst doing Soul Vida?

    Some of the common signs and symptoms of energy moving through the body are:  Sensation of heat, coolness, tingling, gentle shaking, pulsing,  body awareness, deep relaxation and inner calm.

    Who is Makita Gabriel?

    Makita Gabriel is the founder of Soul Vida a pioneer in the field of Body-Mind Fitness. Makita’s Full Bio is available at