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    Workout. Meditate. Love Life.

    Our Brand, Our Philosophy

    At Soul Vida we understand the world’s need for stress free pursuits, transformative wellness rituals for the time poor and the importance of staying positive and empowered in a hectic world.

    Soul Vida is a wellness and healing destination offering a range of signature Soul Vida classes, meditations, wellness partner services, courses, classes, certified teacher trainings and transformational wellness escapes to help you rejuvenate, recharge, rebalance and find peace in an ever changing world.

    The Soul Vida Wellness Philosophy brings together the power of ancient wisdom and alternative mind body healing modalities, with the contemporary movement arts and meditation practices of mindfulness, breath transformation and soul awakening.

    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to Heal the world, awakening the greatness within.

    Our approach is integrated and progressive with a grounded synergy of traditional and holistic methods. Our uniquely curated wellness services, signature classes and products, have been designed with healing in mind. At Soul Vida we offer a 360 degree approach to mind body wellbeing with a touch of much needed soul!

    Our Values

    We believe that there is a divine spark within each of us and that power is our Soul.

    We believe that personal wellbeing goes beyond the physical, and that true healing comes from within. We believe in humanity’s sovereignty, through the power of love, connection, truth, compassion, kindness, freedom, community and faith.


    Our Founder

    Makita Gabriel is the creator of Soul Vida, The Soul Vida™ Workout Method and the Founder and Director of Soul Vida Fit Pty Ltd, a wellness company passionate about making the world a healthy, empowered and stress free place.

    Makita is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Author, thought leader and mind body fitness expert, with over 30 years’ experience teaching in a multi-disciplinary environment. The Soul Vida Method is a unique workout style meditation class that delivers exercise, healing and meditation.

    Makita is the author of Soul Vida™ – Train the Body Free your Mind, the ultimate guide to The Soul Vida™ Workout Method, a wonderful inspiring and in-depth look at the ground breaking workout style meditations, that are transforming the world of fitness, health and well-being.

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