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    ‘Makita inspires you and empowers you towards optimal health and wellbeing because her meditations help you to work out. Lose the stress and make your dreams come true! Sounds  big…Makita’s program is fantastic. It’s all part of her workout, medi8, love life philosophy – an approach to healthy living that has earned this delightful
    creative entrepreneur, devoted fans all over the globe.’

    L.Ruffia. Perth.

    ‘Whether you want to restore your life’s balance, calm yourself or energize yourself, lose weight or rejuvenate yourself. One thing is clear for me, Soul Vida® is a great workout’

    -P Aberdeen.Melbourne

    ‘I am so much calmer, better able to manage my reactions to stress and generally feel so much happier and balanced in every aspect of my life! Thank you Makita and Soul Vida®!

    – Stacey, Perth

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