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    Class Styles

    Love Your Body. Love your Mind. Love your Life

    Our Soul Vida wellness studio is an urban sanctuary offering signature classes, fusion and hybrid mind body classes that support mindfulness, transformation and whole body healing.

    Free your mind and Nourish your soul.

    At Soul Vida we’ve created our own sequencing, (based on the principles of body mind fitness and mindfulness) to take your energy, fitness, flexibility, meditation and transformation to new heights.

    Soul Vida’s signature classes are a unique workout style meditation.

    Each Soul Vida™ Class begins with an energizing warm up sequence.

    The warm up sequence prepares the body, dissolving stress and  tension and supporting whole body detoxification.

    Each Soul Vida™ Class ends with restorative zen and meditation.

    Zen is a restorative mat sequence engages core stability, abdominal strength and body-mind connection, preparing the way for deep meditation.

    All classes finish with a lying down meditation to help you find stillness, inner peace and calm.

    Develop flexibility of mind and body, vitality, strength, endurance and power in one age defying soul vida workout.

    Soul Vida™ Signature Classes:

    Soul Flow

    Vitality, Rejuvenating Flow, Anti-Aging and Inner calm

    Soul Flow is our signature Anti – Ageing class reverses the effects of tension, stress and strain.

    Turn back time with flowing choreographed movements, combining the very best of breath synchronised flow, dynamic stretching, body mind balance and core alignment.

    The class starts with a gentle detox sequence and ends with a lying down meditation, to help you unwind, restore and deeply relax.

    This class is suitable for all levels.

    Class duration: 1 hr

    Flow + Medit8

    Flow + Medit8 is an energising vinyasa inspired signature class which starts with an inspiring flow sequence to detox, energise and stretch the body then flows into a 20 minute guided meditation to quieten the mind, open the heart and replenish the soul.

    Pure Magic.

    Open to all levels. Drop Ins welcome.

    Class duration: 1hr

    Sculpt + Soul

    This calorie-burning signature class fuses the best of Sculpt, Flow and Barre workouts with cardio-intensive and body sculpting moves for a whole-body challenge.

    Class starts with our signature Detox warm-up and finishes with a blissful restorative zen sequence.

    Hand weights, resistance bands and a ballet barre are used to enhance your workout.

    Open to all levels.

    Class duration: 1 hr

    Soul Barre

    Intense Body toning, core alignment, sculpting and inner balance

    A  55 minute soul infused class designed to rejuvenate and intensely reshape the body.

    The class utilises the best of selected Barre techniques  fused with the best of Soul Vida body mind flow while being proven to reshape, stream line, tone and condition the body, not to mention burn calories like no other.

    Based on the principles of body mind fitness, we’ve created our own sequencing to take your energy, fitness and body transformation to new heights.

    Class duration: 1 hr

    Sculpt & Breathe

    Sweat, Sculpt & Breathe your stress away

    A slow flow sculpting class that will streamline, chisel and tone your body.

    Soul Vida Signature class with the best of yoga and pilates-inspired SLOW FLOW moves with hand weights.

    This class has been designed to stretch, tone and flex every muscle in your body, while you move to the rhythm of your breath.

    Sculpt & Breathe improves core strength, balance, flexibility, body transformation and mindfulness.  Lengthens, strengthens and tones muscles while inspiring a sense of calm.

    The class starts with an energizing warm-up and ends with meditation.  Absolute Bliss!

    Suitable for all fitness levels. Beginner Friendly

    Class duration: 1 hour
    Calories burnt: 350+

    Sculpt + Medit8

    Sculpt + Medit8 incorporates 40 minutes of body sculpting, cardio boosting intensive moves for a maximum calorie burning effect followed by 20 minutes of zen-like calm meditation.

    The best of sculpt and the bliss of meditation in one easy to follow, fun-filled class.

    Open to all levels.

    Class duration: 1 hr

    Sculpt + Flow

    Weight loss, Tone and Body Transformation and Inner calm

    Sculpt + Flow is a fat burning and body shaping class is designed to create a strong lean body the Soul Vida way, incorporating functional flow, core strength and resistance training with hand weights. Breakthrough limitations and stream line, tone, reshape and strengthen the upper and lower body to create your best body.

    This class embodies the body centric focus of Pilates, with mind-body logic of Soul Vida. The class starts with a gentle detox sequence and ends with a lying down meditation, to help you unwind, restore and deeply relax.

    This class is suitable for all levels.

    Class duration: 1 hr

    Stretch & Medit8

    Stretch + Medit8 is our relaxing yin inspired signature stretch class delivering the best of longer held stretches and breath infused guided meditation.

    Peel away years of stress and tension in one easy to follow deeply restorative class where you’ll gently stretch the body, calm the mind and surrender life’s challenges and find inner peace through meditation.

    This class is deeply restorative and builds flexibility, patience, inner calm and mindful awareness.

    The class finishes with a guided meditation, to help you unwind, restore and deeply relax.

    Enjoy the release that deep stretching brings and the calming influence of meditation in one easy to follow class.

    This class is suitable for all levels.

    Class duration: 1 hr

    Sweat + Soul

    Core Strength, Cardio Conditioning & Body Sculpting

    Unleash your inner warrior with this invigorating class filled with dynamic flows, cardio boosting, strengthening moves for the body.

    Ride the power of the breath to connect and challenge your body and mind.  Harness the power of muscular activation, functional flow and the precision of core alignment, while you challenge your body on all levels.

    The class starts with a gentle detox sequence and ends with a lying down meditation, to help you unwind, restore and deeply relax.

    This class is suitable for all levels. Drop Ins welcome.

    Class duration: 1 hour


    Breath Awareness, Mental Calm, Inner Healing and Relaxation

    Soul Express - 45

    Soul Express – 45 is Soul Vida’s signature range of 45 minute Meditations, uniquely designed for body, mind spirit wellbeing.

    The class encourages deep relaxation and quiet introspection with a deeply soul nourishing guided meditation to help you dissolve stress, relax and renew body and soul, welcoming a sense of inner calm in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

    Each meditation guides you into a peaceful oasis of relaxation, harmony, compassion, self -awareness and inner clarity of being. Suitable for everyone.

    Delivers Mental Calm. Peace. Balance and Relaxation

    This class is suitable for everyone

    Class duration: 45 minutes

    Soul Vida’s Urban Yoga Classes

    Our Urban Yoga selection of classes are a perfect fit for anyone looking for creative inspiring classes. We love celebrating the body and heart of Yoga with Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin inspired classes that are a great lifestyle choice for a busy world.

    Slow Flow

    Slow Flow is our signature open class.

    You will move through a yoga sequence, supported to stretch and flow from pose to pose to the rhythm of your breath.

    Our teachers deliver a variety of styles and tempo, which supports you to listen to your body and your edge, helping you feel strong, relaxed, centred and peaceful.

    Level: Beginner-Intermediate
    Duration: 1 hr

    Slow Flow

    Vinyasa Flow

    A dynamic, energizing vinyasa flow inspired class, for those seeking a moderately challenging and dynamic style of practice infused with breath-synchronised transitions, building strength, stamina, flexibility and inner peace.

    Level: Intermediate-Advanced
    Duration: 1 hr

    Yin / Yang

    An energizing mix of active and passive flows, incorporating Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin style yoga. The balance of Vinyasa blended sequences with longer held poses for synergy and inner balance, with deep stretching cultivating awareness, poise and inner calm.

    Level: Beginner Friendly
    Duration: 1 hr

    Stretch N Yin

    Stretch N Yin is a Restorative and Yin inspired slower paced yoga class focusing on the breath and deeper relaxation.  Yin supports the integration of the body’s energetic system and fascia alignment, which is pivotal for deep relaxation, healing and body-mind integration.  If you like a gentle flow and deep restorative stretching, you’ll love our Stretch N Yin Class.

    Level: All Levels
    Duration: 1 hr

    Soul Kids

    Yoga and Meditation for Children at Soul Vida.

    We’re dedicated to sharing the gift of Soul Vida’s yoga and meditation classes with children to help them relax, build positivity, invite calm and emotional resilience.

    Our Soul Kids Yoga & Meditation helps to improve focus, strength, flexibility, self-regulation, emotional balance and inner calm.

    Our Soul Kids classes teach children mindful movement of the body, mental calm, inner balance and peace of mind.

    Soul Kids classes include a gentle warm-up, yoga poses, breath awareness, relaxation and guided meditation.

    Classes are open to children aged 5 – 12 years old and are held at Soul Vida in Mount Hawthorn.

    All equipment is provided.

    Soul Vida’s Soul Kid’s Yoga & Meditation sessions are taught by qualified Soul Vida Yoga & Meditation Teachers.

    Our teachers have current working with children’s checks, police clearance and have extensive experience working with children of all ages.

    If you’d like more information please contact Makita Gabriel at Soul Vida.

    Community Open Class

    This is a community class open to everyone.
    Our way of giving back to our community. These classes are $5 donation only.
    Please share the love and bring your friends. Bookings essential.
    Soul Vida’s Community class donations are distributed to local charities and worthwhile causes.